[Article-like] Rift Herald & Baron & Dragon & Jungle Entrance & Trinkets & Summoner Spells, Ideas.

**ABSTRACT** 1)You need to kill 4 herald to spawn Baron, u can delay its spawn or spawn around 18th minute. 2)if u kill herald with smite, its empowers your smite against baron and if u kill baron with empowered smite, you get void spell. http://i.imgur.com/sVW6qGl.jpg Picture 1: Void Spells 3)If u kill dragon with smite gives u and your team some extra power. http://i.imgur.com/v6dOuEY.jpg Picture 2: Dragon Kinds http://i.imgur.com/IY3cHFM.jpg Picture 3: Stacking Dragon Power http://i.imgur.com/eDpkGlI.jpg Picture 4: Relation Between Powers 4)Summoner spells gives some extra features related with vision and siege. http://i.imgur.com/2W8JWFN.jpg Picture 5: Summoner Spells 5)There is new mini game element "jungle gates". http://i.imgur.com/C0jZFPO.jpg Picture 6: Gate Types //Everything explained detailed below for those who wonders.// **CONTENT** 1) Rewarding smite kill on Herald,Dragon,Baron. 2) Giving option to players, spawn Baron earlier or delay it. 3) Adding randomness to game. 4) Protecting late game junglers early game. 5) Avoiding abusement related buffs. **Notes:** 1) My last idea is live now, even if riot didnt notice my topic, it means "we are on the same page with them" to me. (https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3sg1xk/in_loading_screen_we_should_replace_loading_with/?ref=share&ref_source=link) 2) Im not an artist, pictures i use are already in league, some of them recolored or simple things for better explaining of my thoughts. 3) Every commet will be answered for visibility. 4) Not main language. 5) Quit my job... Joking i've no job :) Not long ago, when people complaining about "Rift Herald isnt rewarding enough", i was thinking about some sort of buffs but it ended kinda changing chains like this.Im not jungler, just bored to play and searching new funny elements to add game. All things open for arguement. **STORY** First i was thinking give a unique buff to herald,something like "if u smite kill herald, it gives killer each time +100 smite damage against Baron". This was good idea for me, it would make Herald worthy for teams that they dont have splitpushers, devourer junglers or nothing left except Herald situation. It could give u +400 smite damage totall if u take all heralds before 20. but it was little bit big when u think 20 min Baron. Especially when first dragon buff is so weak, it was clear that this would force duo top lane. And i make it one time use but it still not satisfied me because starting point was good but at totall not that perfect. Then another idea poped up in my head, why dont we make this heralds chain each other to spawn baron, this was a unique idea for league, u need to kill herald one to spawn herald two end of it baron comes for take revenge of his little buddies. Then i said myself, why four of them are Heralds, lets make them voidlike creatures looks like each other but little bit different. Then i thought, ops there is a problem, what if people dont kill herald on time, is baron spawn gonna be delayed? Then i said why not, lets make it flexible. Reduced Heralds spawn 5min to 4min. and first appear increased 4mim to 5min. That way teams can spawn Baron around 18 min or delay it as they wanted. The thing is, it ended up duo top issue again. Then i start thinking, i have to buff dragon if i want this unique "herald element" in the game especially witout breaking duo bot meta. Then i thought whats the meh thing about dragon(not too long). Ofcourse its stacking late game power, finding the answer was the simple part. When i thinking about how can i buff dragon with another unique element, i focused numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Bad thing about this its so clear for players. "No need to rush dude let them 4th dragon, we still have time, and we dont even lost anything, we can catch them maybe 10 years later but we can". Then i thought, what about spawning dragons random. Teams can have 3rd buff as first dragon. I was about the hype, then another problem flashed , what if 3rd dragon spawns 2 times in a row. For a moment i said lets go for another smite kill buff to jungler, then i thought its not jungler only game. I keep talking to myself, what if dragons have elemental power and teams can have them for a while. Drown in dreams for a while. I knew i found another unique thing to work on. After some brainstorming with myself, imagined Dragon and Smite, wanted to its be like "killing with smite explodes dragon and its dust spreads all over the pit and gives elemental power who touches dusts". I was already know there must be around 10 dragon types, cause less wouldnt be enough. Next questions were "can they be stackable,can same types are stackable, how many stacks will be, is it gonna be unlimited or expiring". I was clear about the random spawn, cause i dont want to hear same speeches like "Lets take next dragon cuz its ice dragon and we need slow ppl" or "Fire dragon is a shit". Best thing about this random spawn, u realy need to keep an eye on dragon pit from begining and when u think about there will be around 7-8 dragon in one avarage game, when dragon close to spawning, i belive speeches will change this way "Come'n, Plz Ice Dragon, Plz Ice Dragon". And then, While i was thinking about stacking different types, i ended up like "no they wont stack, but there will be special interactions between each other" like fire beats ice or ally with water empowers ice. At first while i was thinking about simple on hits, its ended more complicated and more beautiful things.Even 5 year old summoners know what Complicated and Beautiful means in League => "limited but effective". But this cause another problem, if these dragon dusts have expiration time, both teams cant have buffs same time and this means i cant interact my buff with enemies. Then i added a passive "Witness" to solve this problem, you are alive witness of a true (Ice,Fire etc.) dragon death. that means when buff time expired u dont lose passive(its true you are still witness and alive) and both teams buffs can interact each other even one team has the buff. On the other hand this passive also made possible to keep dragon dust you want, like if u have witness(Ice) next dragon your team kills Fire Dragon it still grants u ice dragon buff. To make interactions bit easier, gave junglers store option which makes possible to change buffs between dragon dusts. After realised this is open to abusing (Remember smites everywhere) thought again. It was smite related problem and needed to focus on it. Instead of removing store, i wanted to give players option to chose. Then i gave buff to trinkets based on summoner spells related vision and tower siege. After all, to give some love baron,also added smite kill buff baron. If jungler kill baron with his smite while its buffed(Herald Buff), Smite turns into one time use void spell. These changes perfect on paper, the thing is game is already snowbally and rewarding more early game team comps can sweep late game champions. In lane, laners can chose not to fight, but in jungle there is no option.So ı added another mini game like element to jungle entrance to keep late game junglers safe in their side of jugnle till some point. Purchasable jungle gates which locks entrance around 3min and reward champions over time. Thx for reading. **DETAILS** **RIFT HERALD 1, 2, 3, 4.** -Rift Herald 1 spawns at min 5. -Next Herald spawns 4 min after previous Herald dead. -To spawn Baron teams must kill 4th Herald. -Each Smite Kill give unique pasif(Void Incompatibility) to killer. -Void Incompatibility can stack 4 times. -Void Incompatibility empowers Smite against Baron(+100 smite damage). -Void Incompatibility passive disappear after smite Baron even if kill Baron or not. **BARON NASHOR** -Baron Nashor spawn is now related with last Herald death. -Baron Nashor can spawn before 20. -Baron Nashor spawn can delay. -While Void Incompatibility active, killing Baron Nashor with smite, grants to killer a unique spell. **VOID SPELLS** -There is a 4 unique Void Spell. -Spells can be usable while Baron Buff active. Disappears if not used on time. * **Void Incompatibility 1 stack turns smite to Void Crack.** -After cast, spawns a stealth void worm which moves through closest turret, captures it and turns turret against its allies for 5 sec. -Turret takes %50 less damage while captured. Only champions can kill Void Worm while spotted. * **Void Incompatibility 2 stack turns smite to Void Shield.** -After cast, shields himself/herself for 1 sec. in this duration returns first harmfull spell damage/debuff to its caster. Shielder doesnt take damage. -Returned spell damage/debuff calculate by shielders stats. If returned spell is a projectile, instead of direct damage it flys through caster. -Returned spell can be blocked by spellshields. * **Void Incompatibility 3 stack turns smite to Void Clone.** -After cast, clones target ally or himself/herself. Clone gets targets stats and carries Baron Buff(%50 effective), but cant deal any damage to units. -Void Clone dispelled if gets any turret damage, end of Baron Buff or enemy kills it. If enemy kill clone, killer takes baron buff (%50 effective). -Clone controlled by caster and can move away without any limitations. * **Void Incompatibility 4 stack turns smite to Void Gate.** -After cast, Opens both way gate to target area in 5000 range. Entrance spawns on caster location but Exit spawns random location targeted area(500 range). -Gates doenst give vision and both teams can pass through it one time from each way. Burns increasingly 50 more mana for each use. -Mana cost turns damage if u use gate but dont have enough mana for it. -Gate can be open first minute of baron buff, after opened lasts 60 sec. **DRAGON** -Now there is 10 type of Dragon. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Thunder, Poison, Blood, Shadow, Undead. -Dragon types spawn random. -Killing Dragon with Smite grants unique passive "Witness" to killer and his team members around dragon pit. Witness (Fire) This unit is alive witness of a real Fire Dragon death. -Killing new type of dragon changes Witness passive(Different type of dragon passives cant stack). -Killing dragon granst 3 min buff related with passive to killer and his team members who has Witness passive. -Killing 5 dragons grants unlimited buff instead of 3min. -Dragon Buff Types interacts between each other(Both allies buffs and enemies buffs). -Some type of buffs empower other buffs in your team. -Some type of buffs strong against other type of buffs in enemy team. -Some type of buffs weak against other type of buffs in enemy team(Different way to say same thing one above). Type /Empowered by / Strong against / Weak against 1 Fire / Air / Ice / Water 2 Water / Undead / Fire / Thunder 3 Earth / Fire / Thunder / Air 4 Air / Poison / Earth / Ice 5 Ice / Earth / Air / Fire 6 Thunder / Shadow / Water / Earth 7 Poison / Water / Blood / Shadow 8 Shadow / Blood / Poison / Undead 9 Blood / Thunder / Undead / Poison 10 Undead / Ice / Shadow / Blood -Same type of dragons can stack 3 times (Hard to see in a game but still u can.). -Only Junglers can store different type of Dragon passives at the same time. -Junglers can use one dragon buff at one time and they can change between passives to use buff they want. **SUMMONER SPELLS / TRİNKETS** Smite / Turns your trinket to hunters pouch for store dragon dusts(keeps trinkets also). Heal / Gives your trinket a passive that you can place +1 pink ward. Exhaust / Gives your trinket a passive that you can place +1 green ward. Ignite / Gives your trinket a passive that you can use sweepers 2 times. Cleanse / Gives your trinket a passive that your green wards gives %25 attack speed to ally turrets in its range (cant stack, while buffing ward can seen by enemies). Barrier / Gives your trinket a passive that your green wards heal ally towers in its range %1 max hp every 2 sec.(cant stack, while healing ward can seen by enemies). Teleport / Gives your trinket a passive that your farshigt alteration totem decrease %25 armor of enemy towers in its range (cant stack, after dead keeps debuff for 3 sec.). Flash-Ghost / Doenst make any changes. **JUNGLE GATES** -Can be purchasable first minute of the game for 200gold. -After purchase, place breakable gates to the entrance of the jungle at min 3. -Gates dont allow both enter and exit for everyone without breaking it. -Enemies auto attacks deals 1 hp, allies auto attacks deals 2 hp to gates. -Gates doubles its hp after placed for 5 min. -One person can lock one side of the jungle. -There is two types of gates, each has different abilities for different purpose. * **Seeds of Heaven** -Has 5 hp. -Generates seeds for allies. -Seeds gives 10 heal(+2 each min), 10 mana(+2 each min), 10 exp(+2 each min) 10 gold(+2 each min) for allies. -Seeds of Heaven comes with 3 special seeds(cant generate special seeds after). -Special seeds gives 50heal/mana each, but no exp/gold. -Allies harvest all available seeds at one time. -Genereta 1 seed every min. -Can generate max 10 seeds. -Seeds deal 20 magic damage to attackers(special seeds 30 magic damage). -Damage stacks with seeds for each attack(with max seeds first attack will deal 200 dmg to attacker). -Seeds also counts 1 hp, each attack will kill 1 seed(with max seeds second attack will deal 180 dmg to attacker). -After all seads dead, Seeds of Heaven (Gate) will take damage from attacks, but attackers dont get any damage. -Seeds of Heaven(Gate) regen 1 hp every 30 sec. * **Golden Gates** -Has 10 hp. -Has unique passive(Golden Value). -Its value increase every minute (10gold every min). -Increase 5 gold/exp for each monster at jungle side where Golden Gates placed. -Golden Value also shows how much gold u will earn if u kill this gate. -Killer take build cost + golden value passive gold. -First 5 min doesnt give build cost gold to enemies(till 8th min). -After 5min Golden Gates start glowing gold like colours and its increase rate doubles(10 gold every 30 sec.). -Golden Gate pushes away melee attackers 150 unit away, and makes all attackers visible to Golden Gates allies. -Regen 1 hp every min. Thx for reading(God bless your eyes :).
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