Ok guys Im here to talk about what I think is a big problem in the game and current meta and that problem is the amount of damage that turrets do. It's too low, for example shyv with a boot and 2 full items and 1 incomplete item manages to dive 2 champions in nexus turrets at min 38, killing of a sup and well farmed adc, the fight lasted about 15 sec and she tanked it all and solo killed both of them and got out alive with 1/5 hp remaining, how the hell is that fair, just because she is tanky and does ok damage she can dive in 2 nexus turrets like that? With no penalty? I think this is game breaking as the current meta is based on tanks and the op items that tanky champs now have, specially fighters like shyvana, darius, hecarim, and so on.... If you are an ADC you are screwed since fighters are really tanky and can withstand tons of damage and deal alot on the other side as well, and if you try to evade their front line and go for apc or adc, mostly some champion like veigar or leblanc will 1 shot you, so it's really hard to get through when the enemy team has certain picks. Tbh i can't ban all the champs i think are ruining the balance currently but it's obvious that the meta is centered around 15-20 champions that are insanely unbalanced comparing to others, yes every champion CAN do something and IS fun to play but some are just way too strong for others. When you make a meta like this with tanks and mages in the center, you can at least make the turrets stronger so the adc can be a bit safer under it, not get insta killed wherever he stands or positions, it's like those turrets are a bit stronger minions nothing more, get buffed a bit and make some hp then you can dive whoever you want cause you are op darius or shyvana. This is what I think makes a difference in my games, not skill or anything similar, but when people are trying to defend it's kinda hard controling the map and killing minions to guard towers that can't really protect you,mega minion 1v1s turrets, that is all i have to say, if you think as I think support this discussion so maybe someone in Riot sees this post and thinks about it and maybe makes some adjustments to the game as currently it's not that enjoyable. Have fun fellow summoners :)
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