Every game feels the same.

Hello. i don't know if i'm he only one feeling this way, but my last few games have all felt the same way. **Fill = Support. ** {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:11}}{{champion:223}} **Picked or banned.** **Atleast 4 thunderlords in the team. ** **Atleast 3 people o your team have the same clan tag. And somehow, your chances of winning is still minimal. ** **The team with the fed assassin wins.** **If you are not playing a champion with atleast one built-in dash, you might as well bring some crutches with you, since every assassin will break you! Mentally and in-game. ** **Team with more tanks wins.** **Tank Akali is a thing, apparently.** **Usually, only one person will get super-ultra fed, and become the MVP of the game, and his team will just take the role of backup dancers. Talk about team game.** And overall, the game feels more and moe like it's about champion picks, not skill. _Almighty._

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