What I really dislike about the new Fizz skin...

It's ultimate is very unclear to see, especially in teamfights. Played vs a Fizz (we won, that's not the problem) and we just couldn't really spot his ultimate. It's a very clear indicator, because all other forms of fizz have the 'solid color' form around the circle where the ult is; the super Galaxy Fizz skin just has that target indicator with some lines, but the normal ground below it, making it, unlike the other fizz ults, very unclear to see. This is especially a problem when fighting in the jungle, fighting when multiple skills are being used (because the lines closing the animations of other skills overlap with the Fizz ult, making it barely visible). I think the skin looks supercool and whatnot, but they REALLY have to make his ult a bit more visible/have a solid form/different color in the middle. Otherwise you're just going to have another Underworld Twisted Fate or Steel Legion Lux - skin ban from professional play..

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