Must be level 4 with the champ to be able to play them in ranked.

Right, I get that some people will be like: "but I don't want to get 16 champs to level 4." but I'm putting this forward because I just had a RANKED game where someone picked Sylas and only had 350 mastery points with them. 350!!!! that is what, 2-4 games with them? EVER. I played mundo (level 7 140K mastery) I'm not saying you have to be level 7 with the champ to play ranked with them all I'm saying is there should be some way to prevent players from playing champs that they clearly do NOT know. Getting level 4 with champs is quite difficult i'd admit but why not create an algarithm that calculates the average mastery of all champs that you have over 1,000 mastery with and forces you to play a champion with over half the total or closest to (due to bans). There needs to be something in place to prevent players from clearly throwing games because they just think "oh, Steve said he was stronk so I'll play him even though I have no clue wtf he does." Sorry for the rant but I can't be the only one who agrees on this?....anyone?
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