Tank META ?

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Is it tank meta again? What's happening right now? I just played against 3 tanks who carried the game by beating us 3v5 without dying. Before the teamfight starts I've already killed their carries and then we lost 5v3. I don't understand why you guys never nerf theese champs. Right now [This](http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/514/8833514P.png) is happening. Full tank {{champion:31}} , {{champion:36}} , {{champion:57}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:54}} , {{champion:223}} , {{champion:154}} etc. are ruining the game for everyone becuase they go full tank and deal insane amount of dmg. Not to mention {{champion:2}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} who can solo carry team with just 1 dmg item {{item:3071}} and all tank items after that. Last game the enemy malphite was 6/0 after roaming with a {{item:3068}} . He deals dmg without dmg items and tanks an AP champ by building armor and has tons of CC... I don't know how you deal with tanks but some games are just impossible to win. Tank {{champion:54}} one-shots our ADC after charging from their backline without giving our ADC a chance to react... Their base dmg is so high that they don't even need items to kill other champs. IMO tanks' base dmg should be lowered and scaling dmg increased just like you did with Ekko. Or maybe nerf some of their items. Instead of nerfing champions that don't need a nerf focus on OP champions first.

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