Riot heed my call.Rammus Self-Slow is bad.

Just because you don't like the playstyle , you don't have the right to gut that champion.İ used to play Rammus at top lane and also in 3v3 twisted treeline and i was pretty damn good.But now it is impossible to play it at top-lane and twisted treeline.Please make something with its W ability. You will tell me that its ultimate also slows but the ultimate is not available for the 75% of the game and can be easily escaped by a dash ability , since most of the champions are high mobility champions.The only reason winrate of rammus jungle stays unchanged is its jungle speed and has nothing to do with its ultimate and you know it too.So there is a pre-season update ahead and there is a new rune called ''Cheap Shot'' , which deals true damage to movement impaired enemy.So are we going to use our w ability in order to take true damage even from ad champions which has no target slowing ability? So you made it to give that champion decision making , let me give some scenerios. Scenerio 1-You are playing Rammus as jungle and you are ganked by lee sin or shyvana , while you are cleaning your jungle at low health.So if you press your w ability and try to run away well you know what happens , which means you only have one choice thats to fight.Yeah once you started to fighting w+e taunt for 2 sec and then lee sin realises that he cant win this fight , so he waits until your w to end or you cancel it by yourself.Once your w ability is over you are nothing but a defenseless turtle.So this makes it not possible to run away from lee sin or other mobile champions or even to get a fair trade. Scenerio 2-You are cleaning minions of bot lane and pushing tower and you are ganked by 2 enemy champions , you used your powerball but hey what they can interrupt your power ball , then you press w in order to take less damage but then what? your movement speed is 200 and you cant even reach to your tower , which is right next to you and then you are dead. Scenerio 3-You are trying to take rift scuttler but hey there is shyvana coming towards you then you powerball she uses her ultimate and you have to fight e+w+ultimate after 2 sec you cant even reach to her because of her mov spped advantage , then she waits until your ultimate is over and kills you, since without w you are nothing but a useless turtle :) There are plenty scenerios , which i did not mentioned and im not even talking about top lane Rammus.So please whatever it takes remove its self slow.
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