What if promotions where removed from the game?

https://www.lol-smurfs.com/images/upload/blog/2016/08/LoLBadges.jpg **What if, EVERY loss reduced your match making rank and EVERY win increased your match making rank?** * No more -0LP loses. * No more +0LP wins. * No more +1LP wins. * One lose from gold4+5LP = gold5+85LP. * One win from gold5+99LP = gold4+19LP. Every single game, you get +5 to +35 or -5 to -35, depending on how your team compared to the enemies rank (so, usually based on your lose/win streak and/or premade partner). **I dont think Promotions have had a positive impact on the game. They just add RANDOM factor into a rank system that should care for SKILL. And we all know that having an unskilled player in your team who got his rank randomly can be really annoying.** ... **EDIT: **i am NOT talking about how EASY it should be to go up or down the ladder. I am talking about CONSISTENCY and CLARITY about what is the result of a game victory or defeat.
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