Sylas Camille Taliyah gutted in the jungle But karthus can still be so broken.

Karthus his Clear speed is over the top and his damage is pretty insane aswell. He might not be the best ganker but his powerfarm is over the top and when he reaches 6 his R ganks are too strong since its global. His ultimate doesnt have a high cooldown because of pressence of mind. But the thing that is just the most annoying is his clear speed. its too fast and i like to see him return as an solo laner not as an jungler. Some say invade him but he does deal allot of damage and there are only few who can dual him at early levels. Maybe its just me but i hate getting my HP bar blown away by an outplay button who is undodgeable besides from a zhonyas. All other Solo laners who arent ment for the jungle gets gutted for the jungle like Sylas camile Taliyah. but karthus can still stay this way doesnt seem fair to me. i dont say kill him from the jungle but make his clear speed a bit slower so he doesnt get his items that fast. make his Q deal reduced damage to monsters is a good thing. and that way karthus wont be killed from the mid lane
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