What is the meta ATM ?!?!

I understand that tanks are an important part of the game and all, but when 4 of the 5 enemy players have 4000+ health and 200 armor and mr it makes the game pretty dull. No-one dies because they all have guardian angel or some health regen item that heals 80 hp/sec. The main problem is not that they are raid boss material it is that these champions also output insane amounts of damage for the gold they have invested into damage items. The problem i feel is that base damage on some tanks spells is too high, Champions like Cho'gath, Garen and Darius are required to be banned as all they have to do is play under their tower until they are too tanky to die. It really takes away from the game IMO when a Cho'gath with 6000 health and no offensive items can kill bruisers like Lee Sin in 3-4 abilities.{{summoner:3}}
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