STOP allowing first time champions in ranked.

Please. I'm duo-ing with my P1 friend and we've been winning plat/diamond games like crazy. But only because we got lucky. Lucky to not get %%%%%%s in our games that play first time champs in ranked or the like. We keep saying that it's just a roulette. The game is not up to you. I'll get to Diamond or close, I climbed with my friend from G3 to G1 and he's now in P1, but man games seriously feel that they're not up to me. Even when we win, it's clear: it's because we don't have idiots. And I just mean people who don't feed. Once again, dodged another game - a first time Zed on mid, against Draven / Skarner / Lulu / Jax. No chance. The worst part is that most people are so dumb, they never dodge, NEVER, which makes it so hard for everyone else.
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