Tired of trying? I have the perfect pitch for you!

Let loose your inner mastermind and win the game as riot intended! By "out-championing" the opponent and leaving no place for counterplay. If you have a team of 5 premades, select Lord Right Click and lock in 4 supports of your choosing. Support champions are a lot stronger than bruisers (as proven by Sona and Soraka) and give so much utility, that there is nothing for the enemy to do but watch as Lord Right Click unleashes his skillfulness as you relentlessly heal him, and incapacitate the enemy with superior CC and utility. Don't let your mind do any work! Just select 4 supports and Lord Right Click and use basic map knowledge! Does the enemy team have a fed carry champion?? Worry not! Lord Right Click makes quick work of any "carry" champs, by simply right clicking on them. Does the enemy team have a lot of cc? Worry not! just use your superior healing and utility, to keep lord Right Click alive even in the most dire situations! Buy ardent, to give Lord Right Click an extra boost of dumb%%%%ery!! or how about a Mikael's Crucible to instantly fix any cc issues! Some people may try to counter your strategy, by trying to end you and your support buddies life first! But WORRY NOT! If that happens, Lord Right Click should be able to finish them of before they even managed to scratch you! Unfortunatly some people have realized Lord Right Click's prowess and ban him from even entering the game! The only thing to do then is to resort to the most disgusting thing ever: Playing the game and try to win by superior macro and game knowledge and teamwork. We would never want that to happen! So if this ever happens to you, just quit the game and ignore such lame antics! Now GO OUT THERE and have some fun! Don't let teamwork, macro or game knowledge decide your games! Simply do as stated, and let Rito Gejms win the game for you! Now on sale for only 450 blue essence.
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