Countering Kled (mini Shen guide)

hello guys. i am plat 2 {{champion:98}} main. And tonight i want to share with you my insights (already backed by experience) on countering {{champion:240}} . Hopefully this will help you dealing with him in your toplane games and maybe, just maybe, will bring you to the path of the Eye of the Twilight. When Kled's Champion spotlight was released i was doubly happy. First- i totally love this champ's personality, everything about it. Second... well, sweeeeet, the moment you realise that your pet champion has everything in his kit to deal with the new release. Shen's kit absolutely destroys Kled's. To show you how i will break it down to countering each of Kled's abilities with Shen's. Buckle up, here we go! Kled's Q: **Beartrap on a rope** Shen's answer: **Twilight Assault (Q) into triggering Ki Barrier (Passive)** This is Kled's main way of initiating trades. It also chunks for a good amount of health. Shen counters it by SHIELDING himself for a good amount of health. Just walk into a lane and farm with your AA. If he lands it- do not be scared. just press Q and go for a trade. His damage is not enough to break through the shield, considering that shields enjoy multiplicative value with armor. Meanwhile Kled now has to either zone out, or suffer unmitigated damage from Shen's Q. Which is pretty decent damage even when not empowered. Outraded. Kled's W: **Violent tendencies** Shen's answer: **Spirit Refuge (W)** This is Kled's main damage ability. It is a series of fast AAs with the last one being empowered. Shen's W is a perfect counter. Just stand within the radius of your spirit blade or call it to yourself and activate W. you will literally take 0 damage from it as all the attacks will be dodged. When you hit level 3, you may go for a standart Shen combo- EQW. Kled's AS bonus is so big, he will waste his empowered AA during the duration of your taunt if he has already used the first AA. An ability that normally hits like a truck is totally useless against Shen. This pretty much seals the deal. (Oh, and one more thing: if you go for a combo and land it, you will have your passive ready again after a trade as the cooldown is reduced by a lot by landing your abilities. So do not be afraid to play more aggro) Kled's E: **Jousting** Shen's answer: **Shadow Dash (E)** Kled's gapcloser brings him behind you. First of all- as already proven Kled has 0 reasons to want to be anywhere near Shen. But if he tries this, just taunt him back. He will not be able to dash back after a trade (Kled's stapple trading pattern), will use AA on you, so he will trigger the minion aggro. from now on he can only dash deeper into your minion wave. Which is a shit idea. Kled's R: **Chaaaaaaaarge!!!** Shen's answer: Shen's mere existance. Well, this ult hits hard. But guess what- Shen's kit is designed to stand up to much more powerful ultimate trading tools, like Riven's or Garen's or even Fiora's to make up for the lack of direct combat ultimate. Seriously, in lane it brings less to the table than any of the above. When i comes to teamfights, you should be able to facetank it with little effort and protect your teammates. Shen is one fat tank, he barely notices. When ult comes to your backline, you can either ult an attacked carry, performing all the kinky BDSM tricks that i have already described on him. Or, if your team already has a bodyguard, like Janna or Nautilus- you can zone the rest of his team from following up by taunting them, while your teammates maul him to the ground and then turn to help you. Do not worry, you can survive way longer than he can. You are {{champion:98}}
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