(Crossposted for visibility) Rework Suggestion: Karma, the Enlightened One

[Read about it and reply here.](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/9gPp7KEv-rework-suggestion-karma-the-enlightened-one) Full information with background, explanations on choices I made and prospective numbers are in the linked thread. --- --- Highlights/TLDR: > I've tried to maintain close ties with the current kit to reduce the potential for "old karma's skillset was better" to become "new-old karma's skillset was better" as well as "old-old...". In addition, some of my 'effect' ideas are intended to bring back the "old Karma" feel while retaining the "new Karma" usability. > --- > + Karma once again has __6 ranks__ in her basic abilities. > + Karma once again has a maximum of __2 charges of Mantra stored__. > + Karma's abilities may be enhanced __one or two times__ with stored Mantra charges to add and enhance effects. > --- > Passive: __HEART AND MIND__ - When Karma casts a Mantra empowered spell, all additional effects will act as if it was cast at the rank of her current highest rank ability. > RQ: __CLEANSING FLAME (Balance)__ - Adds healing to Q. > RRQ: __SOULFLARE (Enlightenment)__ - Damage and healing add a % missing health property. Delayed AOE also still exists. > > RW: __DETERMINED RESOLVE (Balance)__ - Reduces target damage dealt. Slows. > RRW: __SPIRIT BOND (Enlightenment)__ - Stuns instead of roots. Buffed damage/slow, borrows old Spirit Bond 'cross the beam' functionality for extra utility. > > RE: __DEFIANCE (Balance)__ - Shield bomb. > RRE: __RALLY (Enlightenment)__ - Current RE + enhanced shield bomb effect.
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