Let's talk about the losers of runes reforged

This was actually meant to be a thread about the hidden power of "Sudden Impact", the penetration rune from Domination tree. In my perception the assasins and adcs who can make use of it gained much power. But looking at the stats on lolking.com, this just seems to be my personal feeling. I am platinum level btw. What I also noticed were the bad win rates of some champions. {{champion:427}} , {{champion:20}} and {{champion:163}} got buffed already, {{champion:13}} and {{champion:3}} are balanced for pro play anyway, so let's just go down the list a bit further. {{champion:134}}, {{champion:69}}, {{champion:432}} are the next candidates. I think {{champion:134}}'s problem is caused by her reliance on Electrocute/Thunderlords to deal damage. While she is not able to make full use of the runes from Domination tree (eyeball collection is meh, she doesn't have access to the penetration of Sudden Impact, the choices for the 3rd Domination rune are all useless for Syndra), she is forced to resign of either Sorcery or Precision for her 2nd path. Precision would give her the much needed damage through Cut Down, or Coup de Grace, while Sorcery offers indirect damage through Transcendence's CDR stat. Either way, she is losing out much needed damage. She also loses out flat AP for taking Domination as 1st path instead of Sorcery. I think she needs a slight buff to her q as compensation. {{champion:69}} suffers from another problem. Phase Rush could be a bit better for ranged champions. Less cooldown on it should be fine. I'm not playing {{champion:432}} , so I don't know what his problem could be. I guess he didn't get enough base stats. I am really wondering why {{champion:12}} got 20 Armor and Bard only 9.
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