Yi "nerf"

I love how riot said that this buffing E stuff will nerf yi, no not at all i see the same BS build the same BS yi and the same BS 100-0 stuff. Yi is broken and i dont really care how everyone crying about his alpha strike not working "correctly" now ITS DOESNT EVEN NEED TO WORK! I mean riot pls here i tell you the item build of a yi who simple 1 v 5 our team today with 1 tank and 3 assasin and a vlad {{item:3931}} + {{item:3742}} + {{item:3748}} + {{item:3124}} + {{item:3153}} + {{item:3006}} If im right most of these items On-Hit and tank and not really AD, this yi simple rekt our rengar+braum and talon combo in less then 3 sec because everyone was 3 fcking hit. Why the hell you buffed his E and not lowered his base AS, AD and most of all increased his CD's i mean FFS he has fricking CD reduction from his ult.... that wold be much fair to not just use his ult every 2 sec because its on a 2 sec cd and get it again instantly after 1 kill.... Riot for the love of god pls know how to nerf someone, GIVING THEM MORE DMG AND NOTHING ELSE IS NOT A FRICKING NERF. And most of all every fcking yi main a jerk and they just going on about "skill" and "hard to play" and "you suck" because they can solo any team after they get EVEN FCKING SATED DEVOURER ENOUGH and everything else is just for more dmg OR IN THIS BUILD FOR HP AND ON-HIT. Can we get back yi's old passive where he could only Double strike after 7 hit? That would be more ballanced right now and his W where he didnt got any Dmg reduction i guess that would be much fair right now and pls i saw what you did on the PBE and its better if you nerf back his CDR to 50% that would be still too much but atleast give him a 0.5 sec to think about if he want to use his ult or not. Thank you....

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