When people say junglers aren`t obligated to gank lane for u?

Yes that is true ,junglers aren`t obligated to gank lanes,they can afk farm in the jungle and gank when they want to. But what if i told u that other roles doesn`t have to leash their junglers if they dont want to and instead they can go straight to lane and rush lvl2. Now,that is really interesting because most junglers would not aggree with that saying that they need early help because early camp clears are very difficult and they dont want to fall behind,but when u need help from ur jungler to gank ur lane suddenly its not their job to win ur lane for u, or when u need blue or red buff u cant take it because its theirs. So lately in games i refused to leash any junglers and go straight to the lane and rush lvl2 and guess what....my winrate drasticly improved.I m adc main, and in bot lane sometimes its crucial who will get lvl 2 advantage and before i would always leash jungler and go to lane just to witness as soon as i start winning bot lane suddenly their top laner and mostly jungler is camping the hell out of me and my jungler just dont care,Yes he ganks top or mid sometims but their junglers and top camps bot lanes,get their adc fed and he carry the game. So dear junglers im sorry,just as my lane is my responsability ur jungle is ur responsability ,so please dont ask other roles to leash for u,because its ur job to do it urself and dont tax the lane creeps .Thank you.
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