Now.. tell me what i'm doing wrong

Last season peek gold 2 player and i'm stuck in silver. Yes. But now i would like to ask what am i doing wrong. I main adc and i'm fed in almost every game with pretty good farm (ignore recent games). When we are ahead my team just starts going 1v5 throwing the game. I tell them to group up and peel for me if you can't do else, but nope they keep going 1v5, 2v5 and end up feeding them so badly i can't do anything. I play agressive and pretty always win my lane. Then i proceed to take objectives such as drake or going for mid turret after bot one. I also have good mechanics and i think strategically. But my problem is that i can't carry. I mean that's just impossible against 12-0 shen, darius or basically any other champ. Just what can i do?! I'm pretty sure i'm atleast platinum level adc, and all i need to achieve that is not-so-stupid-teammates. I mean how people can be so stupid and just go do stuff that puts us behind. Help...

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