Is Lulu still viable as Mid/Top?

So am a bit new to League and am not really up to date with nerfs or buffs to certain champions. I did watch 2 video's of Lulu with an AS build (Top) and an AP build (Mid). Both of them did pretty well. Although they're pretty old, AS was 2 years ago and AP was just a month ago; It's not that old then, but I wasn't paying attention to patches cause I was just starting League. I know she's supposed to be played as support, but I don't feel like playing support anymore. She is fun to play, and since these videos made me think it is possible to play Lulu solo, I thought why not? Although who knows how many nerfs or buffs they gave her since then. So if someone who has more experience than me, that could answer this question that would be great :) Don't mind my KDA nor my English I can improve ^_^;
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