How to play yasou

I've recently started playing yasou and I fell in love with the champion. I struggle a lot though beacuse in most of the games I end up ''feeding'' with him. I have no idea if I should focus the tanks or dive their backline (most of the time I dive their backline if I get whirlwind on them but I end up getting blown right after it so my ult dmg is all I do which doesn't seem effecient). I also have no idea on how to play against burst mages like annie, viktor etc. which they just end up blowing me before I can react. I run flash ignite and my build usually is statik>IE / rarely BT (if i'm against a tanky toplaner) > BT > randuins or banshee. I'm wondering if I should buy the LW in this tank meta to more easily shred through them. I would appreciate some good advice from fellow yasou players. Thanks.

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