Master Yi Please

This champion... Where do I start, Master Yi is completely destroying every little bit of fun I have in this game. His kit is so ridiculous you NEED hard CC and one hard CC skill isn't enough you need at least 2. What is wrong with his kit: - You cannot kite master Yi - True damage so building armor is pretty much useless - He can splitpush like Udyr on steroids - He can solo finish a game after an ace after about 25 minutes - He can get the most farm in the team without any effort - His heal is amazing especially the damage reduction - He can come back from 1/10/0 - 0 margin for error - Insane lifesteal Seriously who enjoys a game when there is a Yi in it? Is there anyone that says "Oh cool a Yi!" I think not.. But his winrate isn't that high and he is useless in higher ELO! So in low elo you have to suffer and see how your team mate misses his CC skill and he pentakills your team just for giggles. I have seen too many games where our team was so far ahead and yet we lost because of this one champion. You can argue about his weakenesses etc., but he destroys the fun in the game. Yi used to be a hypercarry, meaning he needed to perform to win, but now he doesn't need jacksh*t to win. Are we really supposed to take Tryndamere every game there is a Yi, JUST FOR YI? And they can be terrible players too, lack mechanics, do really risky stupid stuff. I just played a game against a Yi that was so terrible, he didn't go for a single drake, neither did he care about baron, I baited his ult and ran jumped away on bristle, but it didn't matter. Quadrakill and GG at the 40 minute mark, with everyone on his team with a negative KDA.. This is just ridiculous guys come on. Sorry about my rantlike behaviour, but I'm currently pissed. EDIT: OKAY So everyone disagrees and knows it better, so I guess I'm only talking versus challenger LCS players that have their emotions maintained by skynet. Let me put it this way. Yi is the fcking asshole that plays monopoly with you but refuses to trade a street unless it's in his best interest. He's the asshole in Risk that sits in Australia all game long and then comes out with 999 armies to crush your sorry ass. How would you feel if you had been making an effort all game long and you got rewarded right upon the moment you got crushed like a bug by someone that hasn't been doing anything all game long except kill critters and maybe even feed you. You know what it feels like. Studying to become a hard working educated adult, only to get laughed at by some rich kid in his lambo, saying you don't matter because daddy can buy your company any time he wants. THAT is Master Yi.
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