Ok Riot, ok :)

Here, I've masked the names so I don't shame people or something stupid like that. Why do I keep seeing more and more players like this zed who do not know the basics of League of Legends, yet, they end up in a high silver - low gold match being pared with me and this poppy who did extremely well. Why? Why is your matchmaking so garbage? Yes, I know I am a bad player and I deserve the division where I'm currently at. But how does this Zed deserve to be in the same match as me and poppy? He literally did nothing to contribute to the team, LITERALLY. Yeah, Wukong wasn't great either but at least he did some solid ganks and ultimates for teamfights. Lux stole baron and was good in lane. But this Zed? Really? When will this shitty matchmaking end? Will it ever end? I guess never, since Riot seems to not give two flying shits about it. http://i.imgur.com/PeOH0rz.png

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