Offensive supports in the preseason...

Hey guys, support main reporting in. Alright, everyone knows this preseason looks like the worst we've seen in a while. ADCs are powerful from level one, allowing them to pass through the "dangerous farming and support slapping" phase, right to "exterminate the enemy team and get the tower". But being kind of an APish support enthusiast (my main is Vel'Koz, I play some Xerath, Lux, long ranged mages in general). But right now, it just feels wrong. As ADCs are so powerful right now, the time when I could try and get both the ADC and the support in my poke has come to an end. Trying to go on the agressive often means the death of my ADC, because of my lack of protection, and my overall agressive playstyle. So yes, I can still be very powerful in lane, I often am, but my ADC just falls completely behind because of my lack of protection. I end up with more kills than him, leaving him behind. But the enemy ADC, who has a Soraka, a Janna, a Braum, or any other defensive support, gets everything, going on my lane partner. Problem is, with this said, that only defensive supports now have power. Agressive supports who are not playing tanky, if their ADC is playing worse than the enemy's, will be forced to take what they can in the lane, leaving the companion behind with no way of come back. And that's on of the biggest problems I've seen in bot lane after two days of playing ranked in mid/high Plat ELO. The botlane snowball is insane. It does not forgive any mistake, one death there often means the lane is down, the tower goes super fast with the help of a jungler (or not), minions get more power, it gets impossible to farm under tower, and so on and so forth. I have two other concerns, first, why did they cut the numer of wards per sightstone, and even their duration ? (150 seconds instead of 180 !). Vision has become a pain to do. Before, it was hard but still doable, now, it is just completely not funny ! This is the mechanic that was hurt the most, in my opinion. The vision game has become... Painful. For real. you always have to run, because wards disappear way too fast. Not talking about the yellow trinket, or I could get violent. Heh. But really, a mechanic that is so important to the support role, that I enjoyed playing with during my three years of maining the role, is now way too hard and boring. The only upside is the upgraded red trinket that has a very cool visual effect. Sigh. Last, the lack of variety and ways for the supports in the masteries. There are exactly 2 that were designed for supports. 2. Everything else is not support oriented, and can be weird in our builds. If you play a support who's not tanky and does not have a built in heal/shield, what am I supposed to take ? I am thinking about Morgana for exemple, her shield isn't used in the first place to block damage, so using the mastery isn't really worth. But then, what to do ? We do not have choice, we cannot tweak our champions the way we want to. Now, it's "you have two path, choose well ! Not if it would change anything." Maybe it is only because it is the preseason. But right now, it is the first time I do not have any fun at all playing League. And I've been having fun since Brand's release, when I started the game. And I know I'm not the only one. I hope some changes are to be expected in the best of ways... See you on the Rift, Solomai
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