Supports starting with doran's ring, refusing to buy sighstone- reportable or not?

do nto get we wrong guys. I understand the concept of building AP on certain supports and i know this is viable. Hell, for some supports (looking at you, Morgana) this is the default way to play. I am also not a guy who would punish deviating from the meta. however when i see a support that refuses to buy {{item:2049}} , I know my team is in shit. No good can come of having no vision, period. And supports are expected to provide vision (among other things). When i see this i know that my support is not a support. He is a midlaner who does not enjoy sitting in queue for a long time and wants to cheat his way to higher priority. Another thing that gets me pissed.{{item:1056}} . On a support?! REALLY?! Supports cannot get any value from this item as they do not farm. This is not even deviating, this is straight up stupid, as {{item:3303}} provides just as strong poke amplification with its passive and generates gold. And yes, this is a tilted thread after losing a game. Typical scenario. Not buying sightstone, ganked over and over, 0/5/0, ragequit.
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