Solo Queue Reasoning

i tried to figure out why a lot of players want the a raw solo queue back and this is what i came up with: 1. **human beings don't like change. some do but overall we like things to stay as they are even if it's not perfect.** _i can relate to this as i am very resistant to change as well. doesn't mean that change has to be bad in the end though._ 2. **queue time is overall longer if you don't play support or fill (which is basically support as well from my experience).** _it's very simple actually. if you want faster queues you have to be flexible. if you want specific roles (or only one role) queue times WILL be higher. its a "choose one" thing where you can not please everyone. a solution for faster queues i came up with, is to give players an optional third role if they want to, so those who are capable and willing to fill more than two but not every role, can fasten up the overall queue times without sometimes giving them their "hate role". for me it doesn't matter too much, i can wait if that means i get my position and fair games._ 3. **people believe it is harder to climb than it was before** _the term "elohell" comes to mind.. people tend to find excuses for their mistakes and bad decisions everywhere.. but in themselves. i tend to not blame matchmaking system for me getting rekt as this will NOT make me any better whatsoever. doesn't even matter if the system is unfair or not - if i get my ass handed by someone i have to get better. i'm actually glad when i get placed against better players as this is the BEST WAY to IMPROVE and furthermore get to the rank/elo you desire in the end. what i can guarantee is that the system will get you to the deserved elo, the only thing they can fuck up is the gameplay experience itself while climbing because its either full stomp or getting stomped (read about the elosystem yourself if you want more on that)._ 4. **dynamic queue does not display your true skill as you can get carried by your premade teammates.** _yes, this can actually happen. there will be a bronze in gold and he/she will feed and struggle. just like it was in the old queue as well (some seem to forget about duo queue). BUT REMEMBER GUYS: for every bronze in gold it needs a diamond in gold as well. this might seem a bit drastic but let me explain. do you really think you can 4v5 every game without losing some of your elo on the way? are you willing to do that? i am certainly not. buy an account and boost your "friend" (for a few hundred bucks)? well, no system in the world will prevent that from happening in one way or the other (account sharing is a thing after all)._ 5. **players dont like to be the "fifth" wheel of a 4 man team.** _been there, done that. nothing out of the ordinary. sometimes they own, sometimes they feed just like everybody else. from my experience they even flame less (in chat) as they are in voice and won't type what they think most of the time. and when they do there is still the holy mute button which i tend to use just as often in my other games. :)_ TL;DR pros stay pros, newbs stay newbs, excuses change every so slightly. for me not really much changed in the end - i play some solo and some duo but now i can occasionally even play with two or three of my friends which is awesome! hope this gave some of you food for thoughts. stay free!

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