You are Unsuccessful Riot on Season 8

Stopwatch is new defensive DFG.Stopwatch most unhealty item i have ever seen.Every one have stopwatch. Asassians unplayable in season 8.(Only Kassadin,Katarina.Maybe u can change Assasians again huh? Like RYZE!!. Your all reworks unsuccessful you are changing your reworks again and again.(Only WW okey) ADCs are can not be killed.Impossible to kill an adc in early&mid&late game.You can't kill adc in early thanks to STOPWATCH XD u can't kill adc thanks to thousands shields.U can't kill adc in late game thanks to their ITEMS,SHIELDS,STOPWATCH,NINJAS TABI. You are bringing Lethality for Assasians but you are nerfing Lethality because of ADCs :) If u don't bring old Armor Pen please change Magic Pen too it is not fair. If u don't bring old Armor Pen you should add Lethality passive to their champ statues like Zed,Talon. In my opinion you should remove Stopwatch not only in Runes from the Game! Really unhealty for the League. I started this game from season 3 and im thinking leave the game in season 8.I hope someone can hear me.
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