Cleanse is useless

Seriously, why is this even a spell? I just realized how stupid and useless it is... I just had a game as Diana against a team with {{champion:54}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:90}} which as you can see is a lot of CC, but those last 2, Skarner and Malz were especially annoying, because I was a close ranged champion, they have 2 supresses, which could basically prevent me from doing absolutely nothing until I die. My question is: What is the point of having a cleanse summoner spell if it doesn't work against CC like this? What are you afraid of? creating a lot of counter? Isn't this what this game is about? Adapt to the environment? Well at least give me the POSSIBILITY of surviving once every 3 minutes from ults like these that have much shorter cooldowns! At the moment we have straight up nothing to counter these abilities and honestly that just makes the game feel unfair, they're 2 point and click spells that instantly lock you up and there is no counter! Especially to Malz ult, you can't even predict if he has it or not, Skarner has to walk up to you very close...
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