Welcome to the League of Changes!

Where the new Urgot is much better in terms of spells, but also much weirder as he is completely changed. Yes, the concept remained still (the name, the basics of the champion and looks) but don't forget that his splash art is also changed. This is a "no biggie" for others. I don't see anyone complaining. Well, i am not as well. Maybe just pointing out how this game will look nothing like it looks now in 4-5 years. The champion concepts are just changing way too much. Many of the champions were completely changed or re- worked to the point of being "unplayable" as before. And the worst thing is, i understand why. It's probably because it wouldn't be possible to adjust the power one particular champion holds, so even reducing damage or increasing it, sometimes it wouldn't work, so new things are a "must" in order for it to fit the standards of "balance". But understandable or not, it just makes me question Riot's decisions. This was and still is the only MOBA game i am playing. There's numerous changes happening everywhere. The 2015 was the starting point for most of us. New map, everything is different. So it didn't come to me as surprise that this is happening. I am just either way too paranoid or just am imagining the possible future for this game. I also heard that a few Urgot's top mains quit the game after the re-work. Makes you question everything. Will the game be entirely unrecognizable in a few years from now on? And by the way, this is just a concern of mine. It feels awkward, unpleasant and a bit scammy. Maybe i am writing this because i was a victim of a re-work that just ruined or almost entirely changed the concept of a champion that i had played, or maybe it's just a worry that i have for the future of this game. ~ _My mind.._
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