Autofill, and more

Dear Riot, I am making this post as to ask you, why you don't implement things that would be benficial to the game, and are being wanted by the community. I won't introduce myself, as this isn't about me, but about Riot not listening to players. I would like to start with the thing, that enraged me recently. Autofill. The concept of filling players to different roles that wait times are reduced is great, but only if its optional. There might be the players who don't wanna wait a long time, well, let them choose autofill so they have a shorter wait time, and there are the players who maybe can't play support or adc. They would go 0/10 and nobody would say, we might have lost because of autofill, but atleast the queue time was reduced by 5 minutes. A lot of people just dodge when they get autofilled, so if people don't want to deal with this system why don't give them a chance to disable it? A lot of people have asked that in the past, and riot seems to have their ears shut whenever the community tries to improve the game for them. ( it's not only me) Next, i'd like to get to the working morale of riot games (or atleast the one that you can see). The Death Recap system has been broken for a very long time now. People showing as assists even though they weren't even involved, getting damaged by the garen passive etc., when asked about this, riot said that this system is hard coded into league and repairing it would be like rewriting league. My question is: So what? You are a billion dollar company, you have one of the biggest video games in the world. If you were to recode league and optimize it wherever you can, i'm sure nobody would say, f this company, they fixed technical issues, I hate them, I want my broken game back. I understand that it might not be possible to do this within a couple of months, but why don't work on it regardless? It seems like you don't care. Another point, is how lazy riot is about stuff like bugtesting. Just look at mordekaiser yuumi on the pbe. Sometimes it looks like you bring the champs to the pbe before you internally test them. Who could've thought that yuumi and mordekaiser would have an interaction like they had (yuumi being stuck in morde ult and able to destroy towers with zzrot). And if you say that bug wasn't there in your "internal testing chamber" I would ask again: Why? You are a billion dollar company, get your shit together and stop acting like a small indie company. Now I wanna adress how money hungry Riot is. Don't get me wrong I understand that a company needs to make money, and there is nothing wrong with that, atleast if you don't overdo it like riot. Releasing skins for the popular champs faster than a Machine gun in WW2 released it's bullets gets you a lot of negative backlash from the community. I mean Kai'Sa averages 1 skin every 3 months now. And Taliyah has only gotten a worlds skin since her release. And if you make skins for the unpopular champs, it ends up being something like DM Ivern, a skin that is not liked by most of the community and looks like you just thought "they want a skin for ivern? *snorts in handkerchief* just turn that into a skin.". And then there is stuff like urf. People want urf, not arurf, you say well, our player count goes down when we release urf, so we remove urf. Why not optimise the other parts of the game. Why not release urf permanently. And if the community wants Auto Chess for League you say "let's go, thats popular, we can probably milk that for some sweet green bills." This is an open letter to riot games, this is not hate, this is frustration because the game I once loved, feels more and more bland, playing league sometimes is more of a routine than something I do because I enjoy it. If a rioter decides to give me a response, I expect from him, that he doesn't answer with the usual corporate blah blah, that he doesn't just respond and forgets about it the next day, but that riot changes something and listens to the players. Games should be driven by players not by money.
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