I'm afraid of the Shen gameplay update

Seeing the trainwreck named "Juggernauts" that _destroyed_ Morde and made the other 3 basically the only functional fighters for top lane, I'm afraid my Shen-man will receive similar treatment. Shen has been one of my favorite champs since I started, when I finally got around to buying him he instantly became my go-to tank and top lane champ. I know he's "boring" to the standards of the newer champs, he's not flashy like Zed or mechanically flexible like Ekko or Gnar. But please don't take away from his ability to tank and assist his teammates in favor of something that isn't "Shen", like infinite dashes, or god forbid a 3 hit Q to load all his power into for some strange reason {{champion:82}} {{item:3070}} Shen is a TANK. PLEASE don't forget that. And for god's sakes don't let CertainlyT anywhere near him. He'll turn him into an AP DPS like Cassiopeia and Azir, he ruined one champ and that's one too many. If Meddler or anyone working on Shen has time to discuss his changes that'd be highly appreciated.
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