Shortcuts for editing runes and masteries?

Every now and then Riot patches league, every patch i make sure my 20 rune and mastery pages are up to date, cause marksman no longer need 3% life-steal from quints cause you get that from {{item:1055}} now, armor runes are no longer the forced standard cause their worth isn't as big as before, recently'ish the shield mastery in defense was replaced by a mastery point you could actually use and that same new mastery enables you to make a full armor page for {{champion:54}} cause now you could get 4% of bonus armor as MR, or full MR for {{champion:3}} to get some armor which makes perfect sense since his ult is a taunt but his passive works with MR. This is very tedious cause the quickest way to make sure they are all up to date is to delete them all and start from scratch, which you can only do by pressing on each page and pressing return points or clear rune page, of course the best solution would be to have a delete/clear all button but being able to press ctrl+tab to cycle pages and pressing delete or backspace to clear would be quick and obvious shortcuts taken almost straight from browsers of all types. TLDR: - Changes to an Item = Changes to the optimal runes and masteries for champions that use that item - Changes to a Rune = Changes to pages with that rune - Changes to a mastery = You get the idea - Changes to a champion = Copy Paste Almost every patch you want to change your runes and masteries but it feels tedious cause there are no shortcuts for editing them to smoothen out the experience

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