Allow a dodge in promos.

I had it quite a few times now. You are hyped! YOU reached the promotion games, NICE ONE DUDE! but then you get trolled.. even yesterday in champ select i got trolled by a toxic karthus that flamed and went ADC.. YES he took ADC karthus. and i HAD to play it out. how poor is that? the fact you just have to swallow it and play no matter what is very frustrating. because on top of that karthus for example, the rest of the team also has more chance of tilting, flaming and what not. and so you lose your series. this just isnt fair. out of promos you only lose 3 points so that is fair enough. but IN promos, your doomed, because its an instant defeat, so now matter how bad your lineup and no matter how many trolls, you WILL play it. my suggestion is allow 1 dodge, its a small thing but can have great impact. and save your series from being thrown in the garbagecan because some people wanna be kids.
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