gangplank skin

with {{champion:41}} being a pretty good top laner right now it suprises me he hasn't gotten a new skin yet. and since its summer in my opinion a pool party {{champion:41}} skin would be awesome. you can make a lot of cool effects with his kit wich would be summer themed. for example the barrels explode In water the ult splashes rain and thunder. the q shoots a waterbaloon. and the orange could be changed into a summer themed fruit or maybe just an orange with water effects when you eat it. what im just trying to say is give {{champion:41}} a summer skin it would be so awesome and im just saying I would spend 20$ on that skin if I have to. but with the bilgewater event going on and {{champion:8}} and {{champion:131}} receiving a skin. I think the king of bilgewater should also receive a skin and because he obviously already has bilgewater themed skins. because he IS from bilgewater, and I think pool party {{champion:41}} would be awesome. anyway this is just a little idea I had and for anyone that agrees be sure to let me know because the more positive feedback this gets the more likely riot will see this :D have a nice day everyone -akise

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