Why on earth did riot think it was a good idea to buff assassin's?

As an adc main I am getting sick and tired of Riot ignoring adc's, they are now the class with the least carry potential, they are consistently weak and very rarely make a game changing difference. Every counter we get, steraks and qss Riot decides to nerf it, then this season Riot gives absolutely gigantic buff's and reworks to Assassin's as if they weren't already meta-breaking champions, I can barely even make a difference now with ADC because champions like; rengar, kha'zix and talon just absolutely decimate me, even with lightening fast reactions and a decent support they will still almost one shot me or take 80% of my hp rendering me useless in teamfights, when are adc's going to get their next big buff? It's been like 4 years now...
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