khartus dark harverst...

So is khartus going to get stoped by this or not ... ,but i just played a game where was a khartus who was dealing 1398 damage , and i had 8 magic resist on runes and ga ... ,cause this is too sick... , imagine you have 1800 hp as adc... , is enought to get 1 shot or 2 and if i don't have anything to reheal i am done.. good bye... , is this the game we play ?? , a hero who just do 1.4k to everyone just using his r ??? , is that normal . And by the way he was only jungler with khartus... , so it was funny ,on mid diana , on top enemy had nasus , and i had to play vs all of them... cause this is funny in + they had and teemo and kai'sa bot ... , amazing to play this game as adc.... He had only 17 10 23 score , and most of the kills cause of jungler trash plays , i mean who make 5 13 on kindred and have 0 drakes + 9 k damage with 4 items builded and half in min 36 , i know there are and low players but i just took a friend who is silver 2 to play .. .and i am gold 3 ... , do i deserve to loss games because of that... , i had 18/12/11 score played almost close to perfect but i can't compete with this ,was retreating to go base and reheal and i was just getting r had no way to reheal and cover such damage to survive... , is amazing where the game goes . Just remove dark harvest and make another rune which no have such stupid bonuses . More than this khartus have ultimate globaly , deals quit much and deal like 5 x 300 is even much dealing , but imagine you deal 5 x 1,4k , just 1 ulti gives you 7k damage .... it is funny riot it is ???? , i know is not so often played but still 7k damage with one R?????
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