Stun combo champions are unhealthy for the game

Champions like {{champion:103}} and {{champion:142}} have kits that require them to hit you with a hard CC before following up with all their damage. Not only is this CC not exactly hard to land (high projectile speed and an AoE in {{champion:142}}'s case). Once you get hit by that stun, you can do nothing except watch them set up an elaborate combo on you after hitting their easy CC. This is intensely frustrating for the player on the receiving end, for one ability to essentially mean death. once they land their CC, and they will eventually, you're typically done for, be it a team fight or a duel. On the flip side of the coin, these champions dont really accomplish much without their CC. without it they dont really do anything, and this is where the 2nd main issue is. All their eggs are in one basket. They have a limited impact in a fight until they hit their stun. Of course in late game (or if theyre fed) their raw damage can be high enough to have an impact without comboing with their CC, {{champion:142}} especially.
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