My own universal rule for Riot games

Since my last post has been deleted as he was considered with no purpose or no contribution to the topic(the nerf Leblanc thread) ( i have decided to let Riot and whole community know about my own universal rule. So here how it goes,if this Riot League of Legends forums wants me to contribute to the topics and give them purpose such as giving the constructive suggestions, creative solutions to champions balance things,constructive critism and creative solutions for all the other topics, then i want Riot games to pay me with free skins or free RP(money can also work) for my time and work for contributing the forum and game itself and coming up with a creative solutions to game problems. Or they can simply hire me. But if they expect to me or any other player that plays this game or uses this forums to do these jobs for which they have their own departments for each section of the game with employed peoples(1100 i think) in them who are being paid to do that jobs,well then Riot i think u are horribly wrong. The final point of this "non constructive" thread is are they really think that me or someone else is going to use their valuable time to come up with solutions to their game problems or give them game suggestions and creative works, only to Riot earn more money by implementing some of the communtty creative works, leaving them with a couple of upvotes on some game forum... Sry Riot,but i am also not allergic to money or some other form of u give me that, i give u my creative solutions to the game and hard work,otherwise i dont give a single shit like zero shit that u guys think my posts are not creative enough or they dont "contribute" ur silly l forum.So until than i will keep my posts simple and sometimes sarcastic and u put ur own people escpecially ur balance team to solve the problems for which they are paid to do.Thank yout! Down below is the explanation of my Nerf Leblanc thread on why it has been deleted.
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