Post your "When i was a noob"

When i started playing 6 months ago i made obvious begginer mistakes such as: -I was on the killing spree with morgana or any support,my ADC be like "omg ks,stop killing,you are support" -Unable to make diffrence between AP and AD because i used to wow term as AP=Attack Power,very confusing in the begining -Not buying wards because 90 seconds is too short and i was lazy to place them -Took me long enough to realise i can spellspam because i used to GCD=Global Cooldown in WoW (sometimes still making same mistake) -As top laner i thought outlasting the opponent but not csing will do the job -Constantly terrified of towers because in old dota tower will randomly attack targets in range while in lol only if you deal damage to enemy hero. -Tried to look for the courier in the shop while laning -It was hard to me to realise why everyone talks,hate and who is that teemo.Then i set my foot on first mushroom.Later that day my first encounter with teemo top lane.
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