Does Malzahar have too much going for him in his kit?

His Passive reduces damage dealt by 90% and he is immune to crowd control every 30-12 seconds based on level. His Q deals 70-210 +65% AP magic damage at a flat cooldown of 6 seconds and silences you for 1-2 seconds based on ability rank. His E deals 80-220 +80% AP magic damage over 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 15-7 seconds based on ability rank. His E also regenerates a % of his max MP pool whenever a target dies to it. Only 2% but it adds up when you're clearing minion waves. His R is a 2.5 second suppression on a 140-80 second cooldown, based on ability rank and deals 125-275 +80% AP magic damage to the target. His R also spawns an aoe pool underneath the target that damages all enemies standing in it, including the target. This champion has both a Silence, on a 6 second cooldown, which goes down to at least 4 seconds with normal items, has great damage scaling and base damage values. He is protected from engages through his passive, even though it's on a 30 second cooldown early game, in late game it's obnoxiously low CD. He can damage you from a distance and watch your HP tick away from the damage over time ability he has and to top it all off, he also has a Suppression ability. Not to mention he doesn't really have to back for mana since his E passive lets him stay in lane longer. Feels void man. The fact that the same champion has both Silence and Suppression is absurd. Is he an immobile champion? Yes. But does he have a shit ton of tools to protect himself from that? Yes. Is his kit overloaded with utility, damage and crowd control? Certainly. Will he ever be made more healthy to play against? No. Check list: ✓ Damage ✓ Low cooldowns on basic abilities ✓ Crowd control ✓ Defensive capability ✗ Mobility He only lacks mobility, which is fixed by giving him a passive cc immunity and 90% damage reduction every 30 or less seconds, down to 12 seconds at higher levels. Conclusion: **slow sarcastic clap**
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