Luck in ranked is evrything!!!

Sorry but i see no skills in it.The era of skills is done. All i see is either better champs...either you lose.I lost pretty mutch all games because of this.Either you get afk or ragequit.Either you get the shitty champs. I lost games where i did evrything..i even stole baron kills farm pushing.Real mvp.Still lose because enemy have {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:77}} same team.. Honestly its always the same.You riot have to chance this.There are no more skills just poor luck. Its always about better champs or better team composition.Or you pray to not get the boosted or afk player.Maybe from d1+is all skills but lower all about luck. I played s7 too wasnt like this.I just changed my mind.Skills dont have same impact as it used to be.Luck and win.
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