" Give us your feedback! " Notification

I played last night (Aram) game (at 04:00) and after game I notice msg pop up "give us your feedback" , first i was thinking maybe is something about "reports" but then i open it and there was questions about Lol but most about Esport.... it took me like 10/15 min to answer on all them.. My questions here are : 1. OK get it its feedback... But why about Esports ? 90% was about Esports , i watch it but im not that BIG fan.Why not about gameplay /balanced champ/ skins/mastery/ anything else that really matters. 2. I had before this "feedback" like last year maybe ,but do every players get this or just some few players. 3. If I did not played so late I would not receive notice so why not send early .. last time i got one it was "expired" (on my gmail) Just wanna know more about this {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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