Support is a joke now, it was bad before and now its comical.

As a support main, watching the support role is a terrible joke. > TLDR; support no longer is a effective role for soloq, because - autofill players that have no experience or are unmotivated to play the role - bad meta picks - poor vision - weakest carry potential = among many other things make this role today a joke. there are claims that support works well in higher elo.. supports have the fewest challenger players, so why does this claim not hold up to that reality ? the reality is that support is just a autofill role, with the ocassional mf/bard supports that burst their way around. the role doesn't have a character in low elo and doesn't make it far in the highest ranks.. how many supports are Rank 1 on the challenger table as support ? why are supports missing the Rank top 10 listings or the least in the entire challenger list. reasons are obvious and its obvious in lower elo. > **No support will likely get a Challenger jacket.. few if any** Some will claim people love damage etc etc.. as if things are fine as it is with the support role. Some will claim that support has the fewest players indeed because of the problems.. but also that doesn't answer why those few support geniuses can Gain challenger jackets on any other role besides Support. if you place them on support they will not get a challenger jacket.. hence another reason for autofill. the walls are broken, nobody can hold the door for supports at this point. > **Autofill destroyed botlane Quality** i played adc for fun.. guess what every game supports leave the lane at level 1 and roam forever make things worse. Ivern support roaming level 1 .. returns with no xp gained.. and now the botlane has a 4 level advantage to him. Mf supports that dont even know what sightstone is.. lets not talk about the level 3 mf roam and than staying mid all game. A blitz that flames at champion select, because he was autofilled, than decided to afk at tower and troll. i feel tragically sorry for adc&#039;s as a support main.. this is terrible **these players do not want to play support, but are auto filling for a support player that no longer exists.. now add the percentage of bad support players and the picture is more clear.** i never really understood how bad Adc's had it.. because i was always playing support. to be honest its pretty bad.. now all those compliments from adc's make sense. Supports have less vision provided then Lee sin.. and that guy is blind..(joke) but its true their vision game is terrible overall and thats just 1 problem among many. > **botlane is the most likely to feed and the most likely to be autofilled with inexperienced players** support role should be just changed or removed, it used to be the autofill role, but now its just a joke. the support role is a clown fiesta in both low and high elo. ofcourse there will be players picking MF into blitz/thresh and not know that **Gorrila picked MF specifically against zyra as a counter**.. this fact is lost to most players. or the fact that MF doesn't provide much utility to a adc that lacks peel within his kit. no ofcourse not.. lets pick MF into every possible counter.. because you know what Some guy did that at worlds.. but we dont know why he did... If bad support picks was the least to worry.. autofill has added a alot of inexperienced supports.. and then you have roam forever supports that dont know.. when to roam or time it properly and actually ''return'' **In my opinion support role was suffering before <-- hence its autofill reputation... but now it hit even lower lows.** > it is not the supports that have the fastest que's rather they are slowing other que's down Notice the fact that, in the teambuilder option it says.. you have played autofill or support and u will be guaranteed now your role... yes in some way even riot agrees its not a proper role today.
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