Demotion series

So I've lost a few games because of afk players and then I got to thinking, why do we only have promotion series? Like i think that demotion should be similar to promotion, you have to do a series in order to advance. Why not have a similar ,let's call it, "demotion series". Where losing would be like going to another division (I, II, III...) when you have to lose 2/3 to be demoted and for another tier (bronze, silver, gold...) you have to lose 3/5 games. It would make a lot more sense and you don't get automaticaly demoted after a few bad games. I'd appreciate to know what you guys think, Thors1Hammer edit: So what i wanted to say was: When you hit 0 lp, you should get another chance in so called "demotion series": if you win 2/3 games (3/5 if it's to be demoted to another tier) you stay in that division/tier else you get demoted.
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