This is my leaving post.

Well, I'm just done. The game is pathetic. The season changes are probably only going to make it worse (again). Build full tank? No problem, you die 1v1 in less than three seconds. Tank meta though. Enemy picked 3 or more carries? You can't CC them all forever, and it takes 0.5 seconds for one of them to murder half your team. Oh, and let's give them all ridiculous short cooldown safety options, mobility and CC as well. Because that's fair. They have less cooldown on their CC than the _real tanks_ whose _job it is to CC things_. And lest we not forget, August 'gypsylord' Browning. Oh boy. Who hired him? Really? They need some serious counselling. All his champion releases have been utterly unreasonable and ruined the game. Vi with her tanky-assassin zero counterply ultimate gameplay, soloing Dragon at level 3 with no problems. Jinx.. An ADC that hits entire teams for 110% of full, critting damage at 750 range? With a long, debilitating slow and a potential 3-person root? Not enough. Better give her 1000 movement speed to make sure she gets all the kills after the first without any chance of escape. And a global execute too. Gnar. Oh, you're melee? Too bad. You lose, because I have all the ranged options, enormous mobility and movespeed.. and let's not forget free health restores, two stuns and a long-range damaging slow. No, I don't have resources. Don't be silly. Ekko. The champion with three kits. One on his W, one on his R and the third one between passive, Q and E. How can champions fight against bullshit like this unless they're overloaded as well? When they have 4 or perhaps 5 tools to use all on longer cooldowns than the 13 available on each enemy? It's not only Gypsylord's champions. Whoever thought Kalista's passive was fair and worth releasing should be shot. Mobility creep OP! And after all that, you go on and give TOTALLY UNNECESSARY BUFFS to champions that were already bullies and strong/safe enough. Lux. Her E is literally undodgeable on foot, and you took the semi-counterplay off her Q. Caitlyn. Because while Zilean has to be nerfed for consuming a resource to harass at a long range, on a cooldown, and with a delay allowing you plenty of time to shield/lifesteal... Caitlyn needed free armour penetration on her Headshots, which she's never not hitting you with if she has any sort of advantage. After being on the cusp of promotion into gold and sinking down game after game just because the enemy picked Jinx, or one of their champions got ahead a little bit and has enough safety that you can never shut them down without losing half your team in the process, there's just no point any more. Because on the rare occasion you have an equally broken selection of champions, or god forbid, a reasonable champion lineup on the enemy team.. well, you probably have trolls going 0/12 on your side just to make sure you fall further regardless. GG Riot. GG. I had fun once. Now, I can only hope you may you never darken our collective doors again. If you could do me just one favour on the way out... Let tanks actually have some ability to tank _without_ being 3 kills ahead? And maybe, just maybe, still be able to survive long enough to cast their spells more than once in the endgame? Thanks in advance.
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