Is it normal to be plat and have a silver 5 in your team? [Ranked]

I started to notice this after i got a job and i didn't had time to play lol by day. So at night when i come home and i queue to play league i noticed that i am starting to lose more than often, np i said just a bad game just tired , need to practice more, stuff like that. Dropped from plat 3 to plat 5 then started to wonder. I started to check my games and i saw that i play with low silvers and gold players. My mmr can't be that low to play even with silver 5. I can't invite my friends if they are silver but why i get silvers in my game. Someone told me that there are too few people online at the time i play and we just get mixed up. I don't mind that too much but i don't think that's normal that by daylight i get plats in my team , sometimes high gold and by night,morning i play ranked with silvers. Am i the only one with this problem? Seems like a real problem that ruins the ladder experience. "One bad apple ruins the experience" here's a print to prove that . I can make more if needed.

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