Riot please start listening to players again....

So lately I've noticed a bit of a trend in my friends list on League. Normally around 10-12 people are online, lately however it's gone down to 3. And I'm also starting to feel unhappy about the game's state. I've played this game ever since season 2. I've enjoyed most seasons, with some ridiculous stuff obviously happening every now and then, but the thing is everytime around the second half of the season most things started falling in place and the game slowly felt more and more relaxed. However, since you've decided to do a huge patch full of gamechanging updates in the middle of the season, this second half has felt rushed, stressful, and often completely snowballed by either team. No longer do I feel like I'm playing a relaxed game with a bunch of random guys like before. First issue that I can come up with has got to be Dragon. I love the idea behind the new dragons, however the issue is how snowball it feels. Older dragons were alright but not a huge priority. While Riot's giving these objectives more priority they're also making the game more team-oriented, which means essentially you have to try harder working together. This increases the issue of having trolls or feeders in your team. On top of that, early leads tend to snowball quite hard, and I have to admit that lately I've only really seen either team stomping the other team. Not quite 21-2, but more like 18-7 or something like that, where it's not the most insane roflstomp ever, but still one team was obviously pretty much done from the start. Another update that further makes this a problem is Rift Herald. I liked the idea behind Rift Herald originally. However, with the 20 minute duration buff, I feel Riot went too far. It might now make it a more interesting buff, but toplane atm feels insanely snowbally to me. I've been picking it up lately, and boy whoever gets the early kill + Herald wins the rest of the laning phase just by showing up in it. Fighting someone with an early kill was already hard, but when Rift Herald comes into play whoever doesn't get it feels fucked. And with most games lastig in between 20-30 minutes, a 20 minute lasting buff feels rather insane wouldn't you agree? Furthermore we have matchmaking. Idk what happened to that, but holy crap have I seen some interesting stuff. First game, bunch of silver-plat players end up vs a full diamond team. Needless to say we got stomped. Game afterwards we got matched vs 2 bronze players and 3 silvers. Needless to say we stomped them. What is the fun in that? Why should that be considered a good system? I don't understand, honestly I don't. I haven't had many (if any) close games lately and matchmaking was certainly a part of that. 2 weeks ago I queue'd up with 2 of my friends, bronze/silver/plat playing together. We got matched with 2 other silver players in our team (fair enough right?) and the enemy team consisted of 2 plat and 3 diamond players. Again we had such a fun game :^) And the last point I don't understand at all either is the removal of team 5v5. That was the one mode that me and my friends loved. Seeing ourselves improve in how we play as a team, in how we communicate during a game. And what do we have now? Well we can play 5v5 in a ranked and pretend it's our own little team..... Honestly playing as a team just felt fun. It felt like our own little LCS gamemode. You know? But now that it's gone, some of my friends just decided not to play as 5 anymore because they don't think it's as much fun. And I, again, cannot blame them, for we've played vs teams that consisted of no premades, or only like 2 guys. Playing 5 man premade vs a non 5 man premade is just not fun. I'm kinda done with League atm. It's not even the balance (even though that's pretty much out the window too) but just the way the game is evolving seems to cater more to pro players atm, rather than guys who just play for fun. I hope Riot changes at least something back, or fixes some stuff. Untill then, I'm out.
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