Can someone explain to me the matchmaking system...

I just wondering how teams are chosen. Because in 10 games I will have 4 where everyone on enemy team is higher rank/better than everyone on mine. I mean 0:7 within 5 minutes 2:15 within 10. Not just one person fed. the whole enemy team except one lane being monstrously fed? Out of 10 games. 4 of them Cannot be won. 1 of them is the reverse. 2/3 is one lucky/unlucky play leads to a snowball (one champ being super fed and carrying) and that leaves 2/3 of them being actually balanced and I think I am being generous. (By balanced I mean you only have one guy who goes afk or ints or just plays really bad as opposed to whole team). At best 1 game which is just an enjoyable challenge. This may sound like a rant. But I am being quite statistical. How are the teams chosen? how does winning or losing streaks affect match ups?
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