EXP Boost as event reward

Hello. I was wondering, why aren't EXP boosts... even the short ones, like for day or two, being offered as event rewards? I bet many players around are left with couple of tokens (by couple I mean over 100) after event is nearing its end. Not enough to buy an orb. Yet other low costed options aren't nearly as good. Why not offer around 100-150 event tokens for one or two day EXP boosts? It would make the grind a bit easier, without giving away some major rewards... like skins, emotes etc. Simply a boost to get one or two levels during that time. Certainly more useful than offering pointless chromas/borders which very small percentage of players will buy. That being said, yes, some people would abuse it for botting. However these people aren't majority of the playerbase. They're very small percentage of players.
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