Vayne top needs a nerf

2 days ago I was practicing with Illaoi on top I was matched against Vayne. I managed to win top I was 8 0 0 . I could not farm well since she was shooting me outside of my minion agro range, same with the tower .The strange thing was she had kill potential the whole time. I was scared of her despite her being 0 6 she was strong enough to 1 vs 1 me. If you loose lane hard, you should not be able to 1 vs 1 your lane opponent. After mid game with her zero kills she managed to delete me 1 vs 1. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} How is that fair ? A champ that has no weak early game and bs late game. I get that she is ok as an adc since there are stong adc to deal with her , but what about top ? She is more toxic then 3 Teemo's combined. Mind you this Vayne was mediocre at best. I dont even want to think about what would had happened if it was a Vayne main. A shut down champ should not have carry potential. If we see any normal cases : -can you carry with a 0 8 0 tank top ? No -can you carry with a 0 8 0 ap Mid ? No -can you carry with a 0 8 0 assassin Mid ? No -can you carry with a 0 8 0 support ? No -can you carry with a 0 8 0 adc ? No -can you carry with a 0 8 0 Jungler ? No Vayne really needs a nerf to make her not the nightmare of every top laner. Her W % true damage is the problem. It should be changed to fix true damage. Example at 3 stack (when fully upgraded) deals 300 true damage as bonus. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Oh and to all the bloodthirsty Vayne mains. I hate you <3

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