Please hurry up with the Assasin Rework :D

I want Katarina to be nerfed into oblivion and be more forgotten than Urgot. Damn she's one of the most annoying champions in league by far,only surpassed by Leblanc and Soraka. Being able to 1 shot squishies with 1 item (same applies for Lb) and then jump away with your build-in flash while spamming that sad lv 7 mastery showing nothing but you're sad person that has only 1 purpose is to tryhard and win games as kata. I truly belive that's so wrong being forced to pick atleast 2 champs with hard CC just for Kata and of course it's in vain cuz when the enemy team engages you'll waste all that CC and then Kata can come in and get an easy penta and win the game,of course saying " gg easy" at the end.

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